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    Welcome to the Green Vikings Of Club Penguin! We hope you will join so we become #1 Small Army in cp! Please join or ask your friends,family,even pets to join our army!
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    Untitled Uniform: Green color, green belt, and a earth hat
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  • Yo penguins im Bttf2 I first started cp in 2007 with my penguin Pinguy(Pin-Guy). But someone hacked him in 2010 for some reason.So I took over the name a14171 but it turns out my little sister took him over even though she was 4 and now is 6. So now i use my new penguin Bttf2! I kind of created green vikings in Janurary 2012 but we were known as Bttf2 army of cp back then. Now we are known as Green Vikings! We want to rise above all! I know we are smac but we are gonna try to go to cpac! -Your Creator Bttf2! Thanks for joining!

Surprises to see me here?

Hey Green Vikings!

I don’t really know if you will see this post but… Here are the reasons why l am posting this:

  1. I really miss this army because it shows a lot of memories since 2012 and l would love to relive this if you would let me. Green Vikings will be the best army ever!
  2. I miss you guys, l have not seen you since when this army was alive. Things are getting so old, but l wanna see that memory again and this is why.

If you’re just like me Green Vikings, leave a comment below to say hi to Kyle and we can chat together to figured it out about this army! 🙂


No one?

Well, recently we did the training event that no one attended! I guess this army really did fail. So I made a new army so we can restart our army! But its a diffrent name. Its called the rare penguins of cp. There are some requirements to joining in.

(I was thinking I would unpublish the Blog so that it can rest and we will have a new site anyway.( I will deface the site so no one will know about GV since we died Signed ~~jayden1092)

Requirements to join:

penguin must been on cp since 2011 or earlier.

Also, you must have some anniversary hats but must be from( hats from 2005-2010 only!)

To see the new army go to http://therarepenguinsofcparmy.wordpress.com/

I have to breack it to everyone but this army is no longer active because most of our people dont even follow up with our posts and events anymore?

I guess now green vikings died..


Training event

hey guys. So we will be having a training event tommorow. Heres the details:

Date: August 2,2012

time: 8:00 a.m PST

server: matterhorn

room: town


Hope to see ya there! Also use the chat during the training event!


Training with new allies results

Hey guys, we did the training with the water ninjas. Sorry we did it a little early. The leader of the water ninjas wanted to. Sorry but i forgot to take pics.

Anyways, some people came. Only pengy came.New events coming soon!



training with new allies

Hey guys! We will be training with our new allies called the Water ninjas. Heres the details:

Server: IceCold

Times:  12:00 PST time: Penguin standard time or pacific standard time.

Date: july 31

room: Town


comment below if you can come

Hope to see ya there!

Also use chat!



This army has been down sicne the STart of summer 😦 but I Jayden1092 will make it have healthy recruits ready. THis army will be at least 5+ in about a month if I’m right.

Come back

Green Vikings we have been inactive for this summber but I insited that Paul let me be editor. He did so I will try to be active and make events happen.

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